Talent Mechanism

Talent mechanism

Talent management takes enterprise strategy and organizational development demand as the starting point, and is committed to make Tianhong environmental protection cause bigger and bigger, build a broader stage, and provide opportunities for the company's outstanding talents to achieve their own achievements and realize their own values.

To establish and develop talent echelon, actively shape the corporate culture of "honesty, integrity and people-oriented", advocate simple and sincere interpersonal relationship, provide good working environment for employees and create a harmonious working atmosphere.

For different talent groups to form a differentiated management system, each employee has different knowledge and talent, and has its own strengths and weaknesses. The company needs to develop and use the staff's strengths, put the right person in the right position, and provide employees with a broader platform for creating cost value.

Employees in key positions carry out multi position, cross function and experience to create value for the company. At the same time, the company also shares the achievements of enterprise development with employees, and constantly establishes and improves employee incentive and income distribution mechanism. Continuously optimize the matching degree of people and posts, people and teams, people and organizations, improve the structure and level of talent team, and maintain the passion and vitality of the organization.

talent Strategy

talent strategy

You can use it

Bai Mochi, "a man in a book, a good will," a religious message, a public offering, is a person who is a respectable person, a person who is an important person.
He has a strong, high, high, and high degree of talent, and is a person who has a serious talent pursuit.

Development Space

development space

The company has established a sound management system, adheres to the purpose of institutionalized management and people-oriented, implements relatively perfect enterprise strategic management measures, and implements an internal management system that rewards the advanced, encourages the backward, and has clear rewards and punishments. The company also provides more opportunities and space for employees' career planning, creates necessary conditions for employees' technical innovation and management innovation, so that employees and the company can grow and promote each other.
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