Solution of atmospheric photochemical pollution monitoring

Scheme Introduction

一、 Scheme introduction:

The integrated photochemical pollution monitoring solution is equipped with core monitoring equipment such as on-line photochemical precursors, photolysis rate, characteristic product pollution distribution monitoring and mobile monitoring vehicle to comprehensively monitor the ozone pollution. Combined with the comprehensive data analysis platform, it identifies the regional and local contribution pollutants, judges the ozone pollution control area and analyzes the source of VOCs Carry out fine management and control to achieve continuous improvement of air quality.

          二、 Scheme composition:

1) Precursor (reactant) monitoring: ozone precursor analyzer, nitrogen oxide analyzer;
2) Process factor monitoring: photolysis spectrometer;
3) Characteristic products monitoring: ozone analyzer, peroxyacetyl nitrate analyzer;
4) Pollutant distribution: ozone lidar, atmospheric stability instrument;
5) Mobile monitoring: photochemical monitoring vehicle;
6) Meteorological monitoring: automatic atmospheric monitoring meteorological instrument;
三、 Features of the scheme:

1) Whole process factor monitoring: covering the whole process monitoring of photochemical precursors, photodegradation rate and photochemical characteristic products; it can meet the needs of research institutions and Environmental Protection Bureau for the formation reason, mechanism and process analysis of photochemical pollution.
2) Establish meteorological condition database of ozone pollution: integrate meteorological, air quality and ozone pollution data over the years, arrange prevention and control in advance, and reduce the number of days of heavy ozone pollution.
3) The whole process of air pollution monitoring and elimination is achieved through the whole process of air pollution monitoring and control.
4) The three-dimensional monitoring system of photochemical pollution is constructed by combining fixed monitoring with mobile navigation monitoring, near ground observation and radar vertical observation.

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