Solutions for monitoring air pollution

Scheme Introduction

一、Scheme introduction:

The air pollution monitoring solution can timely, accurately and continuously reflect the changes of current air environment quality, provide regional air environment quality assessment for the overall formation of haze weather and ozone pollution, provide an important and powerful basis for environmental protection departments to judge the time of formation of pollution weather, the source of pollution weather, the duration of pollution weather, and also to clarify the environmental air The air quality status and its change trend, the development of economic and effective air pollution control strategy to provide decision support. At the same time, it also provides data support for the construction of composite air pollution analysis system, regional pollution transmission impact and pollution source analysis, and provides data support for particle source analysis and regional pollution early warning and prediction.

二、Scheme composition:

1) Monitoring of gaseous chemical components: SO2, NOx, Co, O3, H2S, NH3;

2) Aerosol physical properties monitoring: PM10, PM2.5, pm1.0, particle size spectrometer, lidar;

3) Aerosol chemical components: anion and anion, EC / OC, atmospheric heavy metals, flight mass spectrometry;

4) Aerosol photochemical property monitoring: visibility, turbidity meter, black carbon meter, solar photometer;

5) Photochemical smog monitoring: VOCs, noy, photodegradation rate, pans;

6) Meteorological and three-dimensional monitoring: Six meteorological parameters, atmospheric stability, wind profile radar, microwave radiometer, ozone lidar;

三、Features of the scheme:

1) Whole process factor monitoring: multi parameter collaborative monitoring, covering the cause, nature, conditions and appearance of haze, can meet the requirements of Environmental Protection Bureau and scientific research institutes for haze monitoring, research and evaluation.

2) The global view and analysis of data enables analysts to control the data in an all-round way, so as to analyze the atmospheric environment situation. Combined with the combination analysis and source analysis functions of relevant data, the early warning and prediction of atmospheric environment can be realized.

3) System function: air pollution software platform, which can realize haze online monitoring, grade automatic judgment and analysis display.

4) Unified storage and management of data collected by instruments and equipment to ensure the safety and reliability of data.

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