Atmospheric monitoring solutions

Scheme Introduction

1、 Scheme introduction:
According to the requirements of national standards, the air quality monitoring solution mainly monitors the ambient air of pollution monitoring points, air quality evaluation, air quality control points and air quality background points, and realizes the collection, transmission, analysis and evaluation of air quality monitoring data. The conventional atmospheric quality monitoring parameters mainly include SO2, NOx, O3, Co, PM10, PM2.5 and meteorological parameters. According to the special needs of customers, special factor monitoring modules can be added on the basis of conventional monitoring, such as VOCs, atmospheric heavy metals, H2S, NH3, etc.
2、 Scheme composition:
The air quality monitoring system includes monitoring sub station, central station, quality assurance laboratory and system support laboratory. The main task of the sub station is to continuously and automatically monitor the ambient air quality and meteorological conditions. It is composed of sampling device, monitoring analyzer, calibration equipment, meteorological instrument, video monitoring, data transmission equipment, substation computer or data acquisition instrument and environmental condition guarantee facilities of the station building, etc., as shown in the following figure:

3、 Features of the scheme:
1) Standard technical route: provide complete configuration system according to relevant national standards;
2) Flexible scheme configuration: special factor monitoring module can be added according to the demand to expand a variety of solutions;
3) Rich selection of instruments: conventional instruments are self-made products, and analytical instruments have passed the certification of domestic and foreign authoritative organizations (including China environmental protection product certification);
4) High quality software platform: through the central software platform, multi site data integration, audit, analysis, reporting and release can be realized.

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