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Th-880f microcomputer parallel sampling instrument for soot
Th-880f microcomputer parallel sampling instrument for soot
Product Description:

Consult Now Introduction
Product Description

The product meets the requirements of GB / t16157-1996 determination of particulate matter in exhaust gas of fixed pollution source and sampling method of gaseous pollutants; technical conditions of dust sampler HJ / t48-1999; implementation of enterprise standard Q / wth32-2017: th-880f series microcomputer smoke (lampblack) parallel sampler.

  • Simple operation: wide temperature liquid crystal display, screen can rotate 180 degrees from front to back, left and right, graphical human-computer interaction, windows file management interface, real-time operation prompt, automatic calculation of sampling point position, automatic nozzle selection function, unique dynamic flow automatic tracking and constant current sampling dual function settings;
  • Large memory capacity: onboard electronic hard disk can store 45000 groups of data; additionally, it is equipped with memory card and USB card reader as standard to store massive data;
  • More secure data storage: sampling data is stored and backed up in real time by electronic hard disk and memory card, and windows file directory management mode in the mode of "year, month and day" is provided to avoid data loss due to repeated data numbers. Data transfer is more convenient, which can be directly copied out, printed or communicated with the computer;
  • More accurate sampling: using high-speed real-time processing controller, the data is more accurate and tracking is faster (automatic tracking flue gas flow rate sampling, tracking response time is fast);
  • Stronger anti-interference: Industrial CPU and EMC standard design process are adopted to make the whole machine have strong anti-static interference ability and can be used in occasions with large static electricity;
  • Real time curve: the real-time dynamic curve of each data can be displayed in smoke measurement and smoke sampling;
  • Measurement and calculation: in addition to the wet bulb method for measuring moisture content, the weight method and condensation method are also provided;
  • Backup and recovery: it can back up multiple groups of system parameters. When the system parameters are damaged due to illegal operation, wrong operation or some faults, the normal parameters can be restored by one key;
  • Chinese input: the simplified Chinese Pinyin input method of T9 form can be used to input the sampling location and the name of the sampler;
  • Data printing: various measurement results can be selectively printed (including the selection of printing items and the selection of Chinese and Western languages);
  • Fault protection: automatic monitoring of sampling status, real-time alarm protection and control (including over range of pressure measurement, small flow control, system fault protection, etc.);
  • Reverse suction protection: to protect the dust collected in the filter cartridge from reverse suction when the negative pressure is large or vertical downward smoke sampling is finished;
  • Debugging function: display voltage and instrument status, in case of failure or maintenance, can quickly determine the cause of failure and timely troubleshooting;
  • Power down protection: with power down and over voltage data protection, continue to sample after the call;
  • Reliable measurement: all measurement and display are completed by computer automatically;
  • Sampling power: built in large flow sampling pump to ensure normal operation under high negative pressure and fast response speed;
  • Strong expansibility: multiple imported electrochemical gas sensors can be selected to expand the function of flue gas analysis;
  • AC and DC dual use: external DC power supply (optional).

Scope Of Application

1. The concentration of so, no, no, Co, HS, O and other harmful gases in various boilers, industrial kilns and other fixed pollution sources are measured and smoke and dust samples are taken, and the emission concentration and total emission amount are calculated according to the operating parameters.
2. The lampblack sampling tube is selected for the lampblack sampling in catering and spraying industries.
3. Determination of efficiency of various dust removal and desulfurization equipment.
4. Measurement of flue exhaust parameters (dynamic pressure, static pressure, temperature, flow rate, moisture content, etc.).
5. Determination of oxygen content in flue gas and excess air coefficient.

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