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Th-880w microcomputer parallel sampling instrument for soot
Th-880w microcomputer parallel sampling instrument for soot
Product Description:

Consult Now Introduction
Product Description

The product conforms to GB / t16157-1996: Determination of particulate matter in exhaust gas of fixed pollution source and sampling method of gaseous pollutants; it implements enterprise standard Q / wth 06-2016: th-880 series microcomputer smoke (lampblack) parallel sampler.

  • The instrument adopts dual operation mode, which can realize independent operation of wireless (program-controlled) or host (with 5inch four-level gray touch screen).
  • The instrument adopts high integration, full chip, advanced power management and control technology, as well as new structure optimization. It is the lightest, smallest and reliable wireless program-controlled intelligent smoke sampler in the industry. The wireless program-controlled visual distance is about 100m.
  • The host system of the instrument adopts the master-slave architecture of arm + CPLD, ARM7 is responsible for data processing, human-computer interaction, system control, communication processing, etc.; CPLD is responsible for high real-time data acquisition, hardware timing control, motor drive and various switching values.
  • The analog part, digital control part and power drive part of the instrument adopt modular design, which are connected by bus to increase the expansibility and reliability.
  • The wireless handheld app is fully compatible with Android 2.2 or above operating system, and is equipped with a wireless micro printer.
  • The motor drive adopts PWM control, and motor over-current protection, stop detection, hardware abnormal protection and so on.
  • The pressure and temperature sensors of the instrument are imported high-quality digital sensors, which are free of calibration and ensure the accuracy of measurement data.
  • The instrument adopts the world's latest technology V-shaped inner cone flow sensor. The sensor has the characteristics of high precision, low pressure loss, wide range ratio (15:1) and no straight pipe section, so as to ensure the real and reliable smoke (gas) sampling flow.
  • The instrument adopts multi-stage condensation dehydration device, the dehydration efficiency is as high as 85%, which is much higher than the 30% dehydration efficiency of discolored silica gel, which reduces the maintenance of the sampling pump and prolongs the service life of the sampling pump.
  • The smoke and dust sampling pump adopts the brushless variable power rotary vane pump which is patented by our company. The pump has the characteristics of large flow rate (up to 120L / min), long service life, high torque, small volume and light weight.
  • The wireless technology has the characteristics of strong anti-interference, high security and fast data transmission rate.
  • User oriented user-friendly prompt operation interface has the functions of operation step prompt and error operation prompt. Parameter setting or modification is more intuitive, efficient and concise.
  • The instrument has the function of fast sampling. The instrument can set and save the setting parameters and measurement parameters of historical sampling points. Users only need to call the "one button sampling" function to realize the rapid sampling of this point.
  • The measurement data can be synchronized and saved on the intelligent terminal (android2.2 or above) and the host computer. The host computer can save more than 100000 groups. The intelligent terminal can save a large amount of data and automatically calculate and convert the smoke (gas) concentration. The measurement data format is fully compatible with windows, Mac OS, Linux and other operating systems, and can be printed by the intelligent terminal (our company provides the intelligent terminal application program for free).
  • The instrument adopts the intelligent electrochemical sensor which can automatically identify the measuring components and measuring range without debugging. Four groups of constant potential electrochemical sensors (up to 8 groups can be expanded) can be selected to realize the concentration measurement and concentration conversion of toxic and harmful gases in flue, and calculate the combustion efficiency and heat loss of boiler.
  • The instrument has the function of sampling PM2.5 and PM10 in fixed pollution source (sampling tube and cutter need to be purchased separately).
  • Independent power management module, the working state of the battery is directly displayed on the screen, intelligent management of battery charging and discharging.
  • The instrument is designed in accordance with the national EMC and EMI specifications, and passed the EMC and EMI test requirements.

Scope Of Application

  • Sampling of particulate matter from fixed pollution sources such as boilers and industrial kilns.
  • Efficiency measurement of various dust removal and desulfurization equipment.
  • Measurement of flue gas exhaust parameters (dynamic pressure, static pressure, temperature, flow rate, moisture content, etc.).
  • Determination of oxygen content in flue gas, concentration of toxic and harmful gases, excess air coefficient and combustion efficiency.

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