Hou Jianguo, deputy director of AQSIQ went to Wuhan Tianhong research


Recently, Hou Jianguo, party secretary and deputy director of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of China, accompanied by Tong Daochi, vice governor of Hubei Province, visited Wuhan Tianhong Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wuhan Tianhong") to investigate the quality inspection of environmental measurement instruments . Li Hongjie, general manager of Wuhan Tianhong, reported the results of the quality inspection work in recent years and reflected the problems the enterprises are facing in quality inspection.

During the visit, general manager Li Hongjie mainly reported on the company's independent research and development of ozone transfer system in recent years, the company has developed SRP primary ozone standards, portable ozone standards and work-level ozone standards, the standard equivalent of China Institute of Metrology ozone Standard (also known as a standard). The company will work together with Hubei Metrology Department to work together and hope that with the strong assistance of AQSIQ and China Institute of Metrology and Measurement, it will get the chance to compete with the same kind of foreign standards. Comparing our self-developed ozone standard device and the French International Bureau of Metrology ozone standard device, which highlights the strength of domestic instruments, to promote domestic environmental protection instrument to the world is essential.

Hou Jianguo and his entourage visited the R & D department of our company's instrument exhibition hall, production workshop, research and development center and laboratory. Li Hongjie, general manager of the company reported in recent years, the company made in the quality inspection results, focusing on the company recently developed ozone transmission system.

Hou Jianguo in the research process, carefully listened to the company's achievements in quality inspection and the problems now facing. He stressed that the quality of technical services to the needs and problems, Shen to the production line, from the source to consolidate the basis of product quality improvement, measurement, standardization and other work sink to the production line, to help Wuhan Tianhong strengthen quality management awareness, to solve the quality control, Inspection capabilities, instrument calibration, measurement management system certification and other practical difficulties, breaking the bottleneck of quality improvement.

AQSIQ General Office, Measurement Division, Hubei Province Bureau of Quality Supervision, Exit Inspection and Quarantine of Hubei Province, accompanied by the relevant person in charge of research.

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